Første dag with a mac

Ja skal jeg nu skrive dette på dansk or should i write this in english.

Well I just want to record a few experiences and stuff i learned so far.

These are my observations. I may be wrong but this is what I feel.

1) This is a horible colour sheme on this blog. 2) need to get used to the smalle keyboard and mouse, or get a larger keyboard. 3) touch scroll on mouse scrolls “the wrong way” 4) Jing works well on mac for creating screenshots with arrows on em 5) I can copy and paste an screenshot to gmail 6) chrome, firefox works fine. 7) I can only (natively) mount my photo external disk as it is ntfs. 8) I do have rsync. copy of lightroom catalog failed, so i can rsync the rest. 9) the imac does not have esata, and usb takes forever. 10) Need to figure out my strategy for storing photos. and editing on the road. 11) need to figure out if i want to move my music from my mediacenter to this new 12) stil not sure about exactly dmg files work. 13) spotify works fine. 14) crazy sy easy install. 15) need to remeber to install the extra ram i have 16) need to deauthorize all my pc’s as i have 5 computers already authorized in itunes. 17) need to get my tablet installed. 18) After a power outage, it boots up and starts all started programs. 19) Like +1 the way safari shows a file is being downloaded 20) have only been able to find one of the programs i have installed so far on appstore 21) hmm hvr sidder pipe på dette mini tasteratur 22) lost som ites on this list due to accidently closing chrome 23) No pipe on keyboard. Alt-l to the rescue