Recursive Rabbit Hole - Jekyll drafts

Sooooo when writing the post about the PlanetUML , and I wanted to make the post as a draft, so how do I do that with Jekyll. It turns out is is super easy and implemented inm Jekyll Thoriq Firdaus wrote about it on his blog.

Simply make a draft folder and put the post in there, and then do:

jekyll server --watch --drafts

Hmm New pages

I wonder if Jekyll has a way of generating new pages. It would be nice to get a new post file with the header and the date filled out. Well having a template file in _drafts and copying is really not a big deal.

Hmm 2 Page linking

How do I link between pages.

{% post_url 2010-07-21-name-of-post %}

Hmm 3 Working Copy

So today I’m away from my computer, but have my iPad, so of-course I start wondering if I can update the blog from an ipad… lo and behold: Working Copy is a git client and editor which even supports markdown. It was easily connected to my azure git repo, I’m writing this on the iPad.

I still need to get the deployment story down, but at least I can write, and publish when I get home. I just learned that apparently I can’t move the file from drafts to posts from this app :(

Also, while I can commit I need to purchase the app in order to be able to push the changes:

So I by pressing the share icon I can copy a (draft) file to clipboard and go to another folder (posts) and paste - yay!!

Also, uploading photos to the image folder works. All in all it seems to be worth the price, though I haven’t bought it yet.


Also learned about the raw tag which allowed be to write the Jekyll code above.