Jekyll post structure

I don’t know if it was the default in Jekyll or it was the theme I started with, but my posts where all in the root folder of the site - nice for clean simple urls, and also nice for bugging me out when looking at the files - what a mess.

Melissa Anderson wrote about it here “Controlling URLs and Links in Jekyll”, and to summarize, I just needed to change my permalink format in the config file. I chose this:

permalink: ':year/:month/:day-:title/'


I also got my encoding fixed. The files were saved in UTF-8. The encoding of the page was set to UTF-8, but I still got the wrong Content-Type: which you can check by either asking the browser from the console:


or by using the [w3 validator] (

So on the code side everything was just fine. So the only place left was the webserver, and yes it was not set to UTF-8

With this fixed the special characters now show up correctly.


In other news I lowered the opacity of the background text of the top post title.

So This is a brand new blog so I can get away with restructuring all the urls, but to test how I could handle not abandoning links, used a page to reflect the old permalink which i then could get to redirect to the new poste. For now I just made another test page so the previously tweeted link did not go broke.

I Hate repeating myself

Another lesson learned: I Figured out that I actually don’t need the date field on the posts, because it is also in the filename, and i hate typing it twice, and making sure it is the same. However I just discovered a little thing. If I do not specify the date (and time) in the file, Jekyll only knows the date and not the time, so the posts will show up randomly if I have multiple posts on the same date,…. so I better go back and add date/time, at lease to some of the posts. This is only relevant if I post multiple times per day as I am doing right now.

TODO: code blocks

I still need to change the style of the code blocks. It is quite unreadable as it is now. DONE