Whats new in .NET Core 3

So I started diving right in, so I think it would make sens to spend a little time going over the project as a whole. First of, I write this blog as a classic weblog - A way for me to log or journal my thoughts and findings. Possibly some of these may later be turned into more in-depth teachings, og more modern blog entries. Maybe micro-blogging might be a better term, or more modern term for the same thing. In any case the form is my loose thought stream, and not a processed refined document. Also the posts will most likely be updated in a more Wiki like style.

So the goal of this project is to learn .NET core 3, as previously mentioned. I want to make the super simple Tracks app, with as many platforms and technologies as possible.

A good place to start would be the Whats New in Core 3 post.

List of technologies or techniques on the TODO list. Not all are Core 3 related. Many of these are things I have done many times in different contexts, so now I want to try it out in the context of .NET Core 3

  • Core 3 console app with command-line parsing
  • Logging
  • IoC - Dependency Injection
  • ✔ Unit Testing
  • ✔ Single file executable
  • ✔ WPF app
  • Winforms App
  • ✔ Azure Functions
  • Azure API Management
  • ✔ Azure Table Storage
  • Local db
  • Razor web app
  • Blazor app
  • gRPC
  • yaml build scripts
  • Azure DevOps deployment
  • Xamarin mobile app
  • SPA in a new framework
  • C# 8.0
  • .NET Standard 2.1
  • Versioning
  • Electron
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • IoT
  • dotnet command-line tools
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Ready2Run images
  • Built in JSON parser
  • Deployment and self-updating apps
  • MSIX Deployment
  • HighDPI
  • System.Index and System.Range
  • Async and async streams
  • Cosmos DB
  • Managed API
  • Http/2
  • TLS
  • Cryptography ciphers
  • Serialport on linux
  • Docker
  • Micro service Architecture
  • GPIO Raspberry Pi
  • Look at Whats new in .NET Core 2.2 ;)

This list will probably grow, and hopefully I will be able to tick things off as I progress

I will probably make a similar list on the meta-blogging side.