Git it up


So now the site has been checked in to git. I love the idea of having everything versioned and hench backed up. There will be the question of photos / images. It will probably not make sens to everything in git.


I do enjoy finally learning markdown


So when the former site burned down, I was hit by “Oh what now? Fix it? Rebuild wordpress?”. Then “Do I really need or want the blog?”.


Well, no - not need. I have started a few other web tech projects, and I like the to try this out. So for now this is more a matter of playing with Jekyll than anything else. Also I need some where to keep some kind of track of my experiments, so why not write it in a blog.


Do not expect long for prose here. This is more like an incomplete wiki page. Random stream of thoughts. I will probably live update the posts

Grunt Grunt Push Push

So I normally use npm, grunt and so on for my web projects, so the obvious choice for deployment is to use the same. So this is what i’m doing. I fell this is not what i want moving on, but it works for now.