Belkin dock virker under bootcamp windows

Umiddelbart bliver Belkin Thunderbolt docken ikke detekteret af windows 7 og 8 der er installeret på en mac via bootcamp. Dvs skærm og net delen skulle virke (se neden for) men usb delen bliver der ikke fundet drivere til.

Ud fra nedenstående fandt jeg driveren der skal bruges:


I use a MacBook Air for a range of activities ranging from browsing the web to developing software under Windows 7 using Bootcamp. The arrival of the Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock was a welcome addition to my setup, allowing me to quickly attach my Air to a large monitor, keyboard, mouse and other USB Peripherals using a single cable. While some features of the Dock are functional automatically in Windows 7 under Bootcamp, the USB hub is not, and Belkin does not provide drivers out of the box for Windows users.

Some digging around indicated that the USB Chipset is a Fresco Logic FL1100 Series. A few forums posts pointed in the direction of some drivers from other vendors, but none were from reputable sources that also worked as promised. A bit of additional digging and I managed to find working drivers on the HP Website here:

Caveats: The dock may not be detected if you plug it in after Windows has already booted, this is true for any feature of the dock. I have had the best luck plugging in the dock and then booting or rebooting into Windows. This limitation is not present in OSX.

Posted by: David Marchelya
Last revised: 14 Sep, 2013 03:08 PM

Thanks David! The link doesn´t work, but given your info on the chipset, I found this DL that worked instantly on Win7;

Now my dock is complete;)


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